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This article is about the island in Sweden. For the sailboat, see Vindö (boat).

Vindö is a large, fairly densely populated island in the Stockholm archipelago, between Värmdö and Kanholmsfjärden. The island is cut up by several deep bays, and linking the south with Djurö and to the east with Skarpö through narrow isthmus. Between Vindö-Djurö and Värmdölandet goes a fairway by Vindöström and Simpströmmen.

On the north Vindö are lake Vämlingen joined by the Baltic Sea by Oscar Canal, named after King Oscar II. The king liked to fish for perch in the lake at the time, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) operated in Sollenkroka Fladen (before they moved to Santahamina).

Carl Anton sings about Vindö in "Överbyvals," where the island's beauty during summer is praised.[1]


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Coordinates: 59°21′N 18°41′E / 59.35°N 18.69°E / 59.35; 18.69