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Vinjamur is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 14°50′00″N 79°35′00″E / 14.8333°N 79.5833°E / 14.8333; 79.5833Coordinates: 14°50′00″N 79°35′00″E / 14.8333°N 79.5833°E / 14.8333; 79.5833
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
Elevation 48 m (157 ft)
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 524228
Telephone code 08629
Vehicle registration AP26

Vinjamur or Vinjamoor is a town and a mandal in Nellore district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[1]


Vinjamur is located at 14°50′00″N 79°35′00″E / 14.8333°N 79.5833°E / 14.8333; 79.5833, in south-eastern India.[2] It has an average elevation of 99 meters (328 feet).

Villages in Vinjamur Mandalam[edit]

The following are villages within the area:

  • A. Kistipuram
  • Bukkapuram – BukkaPuram is a village in Vinjamur Mandal, Spsr Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh State. Bukka Puram is 83.95 kilometres (52.16 mi) distance from its district main city, Nellore, and 438 km (272 mi) distance from its state main city, Hyderabad. In this village there are 200 houses. Major of the houses are at oc. Remaining casts are there in this village, in which bc, sc are there.
  • Bathina Vari Palli – Bathina Vari Palli is a village in Vinjamur Mandal, Spsr Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh State. Bathina Vari Palli is 88 km distance from its District Main City Spsr Nellore. And 14 km distance from its Vinjamur Mandal. This village comes under chakalakonda panchyati. In this village there are 150 houses are there. Most of the people occupation is farming; from this village most people went to Nellore, Guntur, Vijyawada, Hyderabad, or Bangalore for doing business.
  • Chandrapadiya – Chandrapadiya is located in between Vinjamur and Atmakur in Nellore District. Actually they are two villages named the same separated by a kilometre. There are about 100 houses in the village. Agriculture is main occupation growing sugarcane, paddy and cotton etc. Cattle and Milk production is also one of the major revenues for this village. People used to practice hand weaving in olden days but as their demand is reducing there are changing to other professons.
  • Gundemadakala – It is 12 km from vinjamoor. The Village has Ram Temple (Ramaru Gudi) and Ganesh Temple (Vinayagaru Gudi).
  • Janardhanapuram
  • Nallakonda – Nallakonda is a small village in vinjamur mandal (formerly it was in udayagiri taluk), which has a small hill made up of Black Granite boulders. There is a famous temple, which dates back more than 1000 years (approx), of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy and also there we can find out the temple for lord malleswara swamy at the same place. So that here all the people call the lord as Sri Gruha Malleswara Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. It is one of the great temples which has the both Hari and Hara at the same place. Other important people in that village include Mr. Annapureddy Mohan Reddy, Mr. Annapureddy Muralidhar Reddy, Mr Akili Venkata Ramanaiah and Chenchu Ramaiah. Once a year, people of the village celebrate Tirunal (Brahmasotavam) for Sri Gruha Malleswara Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy in the month of April/May.


According to the writings found on the rocks, this temple is dated more than a thousand years back. The temple was built during the period of King Sri Janamejula Varu. The King with the help of great Abbhapandithulu, Koushika Gothram has built this “Aanadha Nillayam” with the most beautiful, vibrant and pleasanting deity (silpa) of Swami Varu. From day one the temple was maintained with dhupa (flower), deepa (deepam) and naivedyam (prasadam) by different vamsalavaru.
The temple was maintained by the great kingdoms of Pallavas, Cholas, Gajapathulu, Vijaya nagar chakkravarthi, East-India company (British), Udhayagiri Nellore Nawab and so on. During the Sri Krishna Devarayalu Varu period, the temple was remodelled and ”Seven storied Ghaligopuram” were built on the black hill top. Also he started the famous “Bangaru Garuda Seva” on pournami day, which is now celebrated as Bramostavam day. Temple website:
  • Nandigunta-It is 5km from vinjamur
  • Ravipadu
  • Sankavaram – This village situated 85 km (53 mi) from the district headquarters, nellore. This village is notable for upgraded irrigation facilities and cultivating paddy, tobacco, sunflower and other pulses. Lord Sita Ramanjeneya swamy temple had been reconstructed since 2003. During the summer on occasion of Sriramanavami festival this village people celebrates brahmothsavalu for five days. This occasion ends with Srirama kalyanam by the last day. This village has one upper primary school and Anganvadi centre.
  • Thamidapadu
  • Utukuru – Utukuru is the biggest panchayit after Vinjamur in this mandal. Historically it was very famous in the Sri Krishna Deveralu period. As many stone sculptures existed in this village, it was also called Boyala Utukuru. Most of the statues were exported to Udayagiri from this village. Even today we can find lots and lots of statues all over the village. So far there are 32 Nandi status in this village. It is famous in and around Nellore district by the well-settled families.


Vinjamur Tirumalai was a prominent Iyengar community of this village. It is said that most of this community fled this village because of hurricanes and typhoons, that troubles even now the Nellore district, when severe depressions occur in the Bay of Bengal. One section of this community went to Tirumala hills and even now are priests at the Tirupati temple. This particular Iyengar community spread to borders of Karnataka/Tamil Nadu near Hosur and settled in towns like Anekal now in Karnataka, Denkanikota and Kunnavakkam (near Kanchipuram) in Tamil Nadu. They were speaking both Tamil and Telugu depending where they settled. All this information is what I have heard from my elders in the family. I thought of sharing this information with fellow Vinjamur's settled all over the world now. Maybe other Vinjamurs could contribute information about the migration of this Iyengar community. Some of them are settled in Mahaboobnagar and Rangareddy districts in Andhra Pradesh.

Madduri dynasty is the most prominent dynasty in this town. Madduri Papi Reddy who was a great warrior of his times was the founder of this town. Basically this family belongs to Palanadu region in Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh. After the great war of Palanadu some people migrated from Palanadu to Vinjamur along with the great warrior Madduri Papi Reddy. He founded the town here and gave shelter to all the people. Madduri Papi Reddy is well known for his heriotic fights and his kind nature.

People of his time used to call him as Apara Dana Karna. He never gave up giving danas to the poor people until his death. He built the temple of Lord Chennakesava in on the northern boundary of the town by following the vastu principles of his time. Lord Chennakesava was worshipped by Madduri dynasty. People of this town worship Lord Chennakesava with great respect. Every year they celebrate a carnival for Lord Chennakesava which resembles the bramhotsavas in Tirumala.

And coming to the beauty of this town, it is surrounded by green hills and green fields. You can find great wild life and heritage in these hills. These hills are well known for their medicinal plants. Precious medicinal palnt by name "Saraswathi Leaf" is available in these hills. And one mountain by name vinjetamma mountain is there and it possesses the temple of the village God "Vinjetamma".

Agriculture is the primary occupation of the people over here. Here the soil is Red soil and it is suitable for many crops. And this soil is very fertile soil. Main crops thet people cultivate here are Paddy, Pan Leaf, Corn, Vegetables, Bengal Gram, Black Gram, Sweet Potato, Red Gram, Ground Nut etc.,. "Palavagu" the tributary of River Penna flows through this town. The main source of cultivation for this town is "Soamsila Dam" which is very near to the town and "Bomma Raju Cheruvu" and under ground water resources.

Sri Chennakesava Swami Temple Vinjamur

The people here are so friendly and very helpful in nature. Vinjanur is the education hub for the nearby villages. Students from more than 25 villages near by vinjamur come to vinjamur daily. The famous educational institutions here are Saraswathi Vidya Mandir, Ravi Convent, Vivekanandha High School and Junior College, Sri Netaji Vikas Jr. College and High School, Y.R.J.C. Junior College, Narayana High School and Jr. College, De Mont Fort High School, Zilla Parishat Boys High School and some private educational instutions are here. M.S.R. Degree College was built by the famous politician Magunta SubbaRami Reddy. This college offers almost all main courses in degrees. Many students who passed out of this college are holding good jobs and good respect in the society. Apart from these Vinjamur is rapidly developing in technical education by Sree Raghavendra Institute of Science & Technology, rated as one of the best upcoming college in AP. It was built by social worker, politician Sree Velugoti Veeraraghavulu Naidu. The students who graduate from it are technically brilliant and placed up by the best IT companies of India. This town was ruled by the great king Sri Krishna Deva Raya.

Mr. Ashokan, who was a part of the cast in the 3D movie Ambili,[3] hails from this village. Mr. Ashokan is a well known for his wits and humour and is also affectionately called as the "Father of Slapstick humour".


Vinjamur has scores of schools, degree college and engineering college, including:

  • ZP Boys High School
  • ZP Girls High School
  • Infant Jesus English Medium High School
  • Sri Saraswathi High School
  • Ravi High School
  • Narayana School
  • De Mont Fort School
  • Sri Vivekananda School and Junior College
  • Sri Netaji School and Junior College
  • YRJC Junior College, MSR degree college
  • Sri Ravagendhra Institute of Science and Technology


Cricket is most played, and they also play shuttle, chess, volleyball and carroms.


  • Dr Masilamani hospital
  • Dr Shafi hospital
  • Praja Vydya Shala by Dr sheshagiri rao
  • Ganapam dental hospital
  • Government Hospital
  • SRISAI Nursing Home

Visiting places[edit]

  • Sri Gruha Malleswara Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy at Nallakonda village, Vinjamur Mandalam
  • Sri Chennakeshava Swamy Temple at Vinjamur
  • Sri Ankalamma Talli Temple & Sri Hanuman Temple
  • Sri Vengamamba Temple at Narawada near to Vinjamur
  • Vinjetamma Temple and Vinjettama Konda Vinjamur


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