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Vinyl Solution was a record label of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the offshoot of an independent London based record store based at 231 Portobello Road (now known as Intoxica Records). The label signed many unconventional acts in a number of uncompromising genres, such as skatepunk thrash band The Stupids, Britcore rappers Gunshot, and Bomb Disneyland. The label had its biggest success when one of the label's techno-dance groups, Bizarre Inc, made the UK Pop charts with the song "Playing With Knives."[citation needed]


Jonathan Saul Kane[edit]

Depth Charge's Jonathan Saul Kane was a key member in the organisation of the label, with a number of projects releasing discs on the label. In the mid 1990s he set up D.C. Recordings as a replacement for Vinyl Solution, with several other new offshoots catering for a number of sub-genres in the dance music spectrum.The label's name was a pun on "The Final Solution", a Pere Ubu song.

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