Violin Concerto (Higdon)

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Jennifer Higdon's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra was written in 2008. It was written for and premiered by violinist Hilary Hahn, and was awarded a 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Music.[1]


The concerto consists of three movements:

  1. 1726 - named after the address of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, 1726 Locust Street, where Higdon is a professor. The movement features a lot of simultaneous sevenths, seconds, and sixths, allowing the violinist to showcase great manual dexterity
  2. Chaconni - a very lyrical movement, it allows the soloist to perform in duets and trios with various instruments
  3. Fly Forward - a very fast paced movement, Higdon imagined violinist Hilary Hahn racing in the Olympics as she was composing the piece


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