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Viramgam City
વીરમગામ સહેર
Viramgam City is located in Gujarat
Viramgam City
Viramgam City
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 23°07′N 72°02′E / 23.12°N 72.03°E / 23.12; 72.03Coordinates: 23°07′N 72°02′E / 23.12°N 72.03°E / 23.12; 72.03
Country  India
State Gujarat
District Ahmedabad
Founded by King Viramdew
Named for King Viramdew
Elevation 32 m (105 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 55,821
 • Official

Gujarati, [[Hindi

Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Viramgam City is a Largest Taluk &city Of Ahmedabad District and a municipality in Ahmedabad district in the Indian state of Gujarat.


Viramgam is located at 23°07′N 72°02′E / 23.12°N 72.03°E / 23.12; 72.03.[2] It has an average elevation of 32 metres (104 [[foot (length)|feet]])

It is at the intersection of the routes splitting towards Kachchh and Saurashtra while travelling from Ahmedabad.

There is an Indian Oil Corporation crude oil storage tank depot at Viramgam.Crude oil is transported through Indian Oil's Salya -Mathura-Pipeline, emanating from Salya a coastal village in Jamnagar district. Viramgam is known more for its railway history. It used to be the point of intersection of BB & CI Railway and the Saurashtra Railway. It is located around 65 km from Ahmedabad on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Gandhidham route. Viram gam is at the intersection of four railway lines Ahmedabad-viramgam; Viramgam-Surendranagar; Viramgam-Mehsana; and Viramgam-Dhrangadra-Samakhyali lines.

How to Reach[edit]

  • By Air - Nearest Airport Ahmedabad (International airport) -

Approx 70 km (One and a half hours by road).

  • By Rail - One hour by train from Ahmedabad. All broad-gauge trains
  • from Ahmedabad towards Saurashtra and Kutch pass through Viramgam and

have a two-minute halt. It is well connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur,

  • Vadodara, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Trivandrum. It has a Computerized Passenger
  • Reservation Centre
  • By Road - From Ahmedabad by Bus or car. It is connected by an

excellent four lane road from Ahmedabad

Nearby Places of Interest[edit]

  • Nalsarovar lake - flocked by migratory birds, it is 40 km off
  • the main road from Ahmedadbad to Viramgam
  • Kharaghoda and Patdi - Salt production is the main activity.

Hindustan Salt Works has a factory at Kharaghoda

  • Munsar Lake a historic and heritage place built by Quin Minaldevi

situated at Viramgam

  • Balapir Dargah on Sokli Road, Ram Mahel Mandir near Munsar Lake, Jama

Masjid, Balaji Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Eidgah at coast of Munsar Lake, Siddhanath Mahadev Temple, Ghela Somnath Temple.

  • Latest Medical Instruments at Lions Club Orthopeadic Hospital &

Eye Hospital

  • Anand Mela in Shravan Month is most visited fair at Viramgam

Jama Masjid[edit]

This Jama Masjid Is Near Raiyapur In Moti Bazar The Around Area of Masjid Know By Jama Masjid Area.This Masjid Is First Friday Prayer Masjid In Viramgam And Made By Stone This masjid have One tallest minar of city this minar is use in old time for Azan of Namaz.

Fort of Viramgam[edit]

400-500 year Ago A King Viramdew has created one Strong Around The City this Fort Have Many Doors And Baari's

  • Golwadi Gate
  • Munsar Gate
  • Gangasar Gate(Bari)
  • Bharwadi Gate
  • Rayyapur Gate

this 4 is main Gates in Fort And Currently all gates Available But few of them not good in condition.

Gangasar Lake[edit]

The Gangasar Lake Is 800 Year old Lake in South Side of Viramgam City. It's Made by Muslim Sufi Saint Hazrat Alauddin Shah Chishty in City Of Hindu his maded By Help Of Hazrat Islahuddin He is Born Hindu And His Born Name Gangu Banjara But After Show Karamat/miracle Of Aladdin Shah He Become A Muslim And Made one Largest Lake on Order Of Hazrat Aladdin Shah And His Lake's Name On Gangu Wanjara 'Gangasagar' And it Name Become Today Gangasar people Call this lake is made in one Night by Only One Man Gangu Banjara(Islahuddin Chishty)

Historical Munsar Lake[edit]

the historical Munsar Lake is Made by Rajmata Minal dewi in Gujrat Solanki Era. This Lake Is 400-500 Year old and West Side Of Viramgam City this is Famous this Lake Is Become In One Night By Evil(भूत)Around the Lake Many Dairy And Hindu Temples of Stones.this is very Famous Site of Viramgam And This Is best Example of Hindu Architecture West India.

Islamic Shrines(Dargah Sharif)[edit]

  • Hazrat Allaudin Shah Chisty-Near Gangasar Lake's Bari Viramgam
  • Hazrat Gulam Mohyuddin-Behind Jumma Masjid old municipal office Viramgam
  • Hazrat makhdoom Bhawan Shah-Makhdum bahauddin zakariya in zande ki Masjid Viramgam
  • Dada pir-Hazrat Makhdum Jahaniya Jahagast Nawsaiyed Kabristan Viramgam

-There Are Major Shrines Of Viramgam But Viramgam Have Lot Majar And Shrines Of Muslim Sufi Saints