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Virastyar 1.1.41
Initial release February 2, 2011
Development status Current/Active
Written in C#
Operating system Windows
Platform .NET Framework
Size 8 MiB
Available in Persian
Type Spell Checker
License GNU General Public License

Virastyar (Persian: ویراستیار‎) is a Persian spell checker, written as an add-in for Microsoft Word. Besides Persian spell checking, Virastyar features Persian character standardization, Pinglish transliteration, punctuation correction and calendar conversion.[1] It also can conjugate more than 46,000 simple verb tense and use inflection and morphological rules to recognize possible extensions of a word.[2] It covers more than 2,800 non-verbal inflections for noun, adjective, adverb, preposition, numeral, classifier, and pronoun.[3]

Virastyar is mostly coded in Microsoft Visual C# using .NET Framework and is a free software, released under the GNU General Public License.[4]

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