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Vire River looking South from the 'Pont' in Pont-Farcy towards Sainte Marie Outre L'Eau (27 May 2008).jpg
Vire at Pont-Farcy.
Origin Normandy
Mouth English Channel
49°21′24″N 1°7′13″W / 49.35667°N 1.12028°W / 49.35667; -1.12028 (English Channel-Vire)Coordinates: 49°21′24″N 1°7′13″W / 49.35667°N 1.12028°W / 49.35667; -1.12028 (English Channel-Vire)
Basin countries France
Length 128 km
Source elevation 300 m
Basin area 1,240 km²

The Vire is a river in Normandy, France whose 128 km course crosses the départements of Calvados and Manche, flowing through the towns of Vire, Saint-Lô and Isigny-sur-Mer, finally flowing out into the English Channel.(Atlas, 2007)

The outflow of the Vire has been canalized and forms the port of Isigny-sur-Mer.

The poets of the Vire valley (Vau de Vire) are said to have given rise to vaudeville.[1]

Places along the river:

Hydrology and water quality[edit]

The generally brownish waters of the Vire are moderately alkaline having been tested by Lumina Tech as pH 8.31. (Hogan, 2006) The river waters are relatively turbid, with a Secchi disc measurement of 12 centimetres.

Historical Significance[edit]

At the turn of the 10th century, the territorial lands of the Kingdom of Brittany had been expanded up to the Vire by their king Alan I.


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