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Virgin Electronics was a company owned by the Virgin Group that used to sell MP3 Players and accessories. Virgin Pulse was the original brand and company name that Sir Richard Branson launched as a dedicated CE Electronics line for Target Stores. The original line had over 20 models includingCD Players, AM/FM Tuners, Phones, Headphones, and Digital Clocks. Early in 2005, they started selling MP3 Players and changed their name to Virgin Electronics and began selling MP3 Players and speaker systems with plans to promote a wide range of mobile devices.

Only months after introducing a 5GB player, the company discontinued it.

As competition in the digital media device & accessories market really took off, the company struggled against more innovative rivals, particularly Apple Inc. and iRiver. The company was eventually wound-up, overnight, in March 2005.[1]

The final version of the Virgin Electronics website can be seen at Wayback Machine.[2]


Virgin Electronics firmware can be downloaded from a PortalPlayer chipset mi4 format archive.