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Virgin Radio International Limited
Industry Commercial Radio
Founded 2001
Area served
Revenue US$120 million

Virgin Radio is a brand owned by the Virgin Group. Virgin Radio International was established by the Virgin Group in 2001 to develop the Virgin Radio brand and it has since built a large FM music radio franchise. Virgin Radio broadcasts on FM in North America, Europe and Asia including the Middle East in multiple languages and music based formats and has 18 million listeners worldwide. Virgin Radio stations in each country are owned independently of the Virgin Group and of each other and generally carry independent programming tailored to local tastes.

For the radio station previously broadcast in the United Kingdom under the Virgin 1215 brand see Absolute Radio.


  • Canada: – Virgin Radio stations in Canada is owned by Bell Media.
    • Virgin Radio Calgary [1]
    • Virgin Radio Edmonton [2]
    • Virgin Radio London [3]
    • Virgin Radio Montreal [4]
    • Virgin Radio Toronto [5]
    • Virgin Radio Winnipeg [6]
  • Dubai: Virgin Radio Dubai [7]
  • France: Virgin Radio France [8]
  • Italy: Virgin Radio Italy [9]
  • Lebanon: Virgin Radio Lebanon [10]
  • Thailand:
  • Turkey: Virgin Radio Turkey [13]

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