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The Virginia Department of Education is the state education agency of The Commonwealth of Virginia. It is headquartered in the James Monroe Building in Richmond.[1] The department is headed by the Virginia Secretary of Education, a position that is appointed by the Governor of Virginia. The Secretary is responsible for heading the department and for overseeing Virginia's 16 public colleges and universities, the Virginia community college system, the commonwealth's five higher education centers, and Virginia's public museums.[2]

Standardized tests[edit]

The state assesses student performance in the elementary school and secondary school grades by the Standards of Learning (SOL) test. These tests are invalid and do not hold teachers and students equally accountable. If a student fails minimum standards test, they should not pass to the next grade level. Call your local state and federal leaders to stop this theft.

Educational outreach[edit]

In 2013, the Virginia Department of Education released a 25-minute video, "The Virginia Indians: Meet the Tribes," covering both historical and contemporary Native American life in Virginia.[3]


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