Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

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Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (Virginia DMV)
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Agency overview
Jurisdiction Virginia
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia
Employees 1,796 full-time equivalent positions[1]
Annual budget $210,072,457[2]
Agency executive Richard D. Holcomb, Commissioner
Parent agency Commonwealth of Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (Virginia DMV) is the governmental agency responsible for registering and titling automobiles and other motor vehicles as well as licensing drivers in the U.S. Commonwealth of Virginia.

Motor vehicle registration[edit]

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (Virginia DMV) serves a customer base of approximately 5.9 million licensed drivers and ID card holders with over 7.5 million registered vehicles in Virginia. Virginia DMV has more daily face-to-face contact with Virginia's citizens than any other state agency. The agency also serves a wide array of businesses including dealers, fuels tax customers, rental companies, driving schools, other state agencies, local governments and non-profit organizations.

Through the headquarters in Richmond, Virginia DMV operates customer service centers, call centers, weigh stations, DMV Selects and mobile offices known as DMV 2 Go. Virginia DMV also provides service by Internet, automated telephone and mail.[3] Customers can also reach Virginia DMV through social media at

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles runs, an online portal where residents can perform many standard transactions without visiting one of 75 customer service centers throughout the state.

Driver licensing[edit]

As of 2010, the VADMV has:[4]

Licensed Drivers 5.3 million
Registered Vehicles 7.5 million
Registered Motorcycles 185,277
Customer Service Centers (CSCs) 74
DMV Select Agents 57
Fixed Weigh Stations 13
Mobile Weigh Stations 12
Satellite Weigh Stations 1
Number of Trucks Weighed 16.3 million
Citations Issued 46,333
Dealer Licenses 4,439
Salesperson Licenses 19,784
Driver Training Schools 230
Driver Improvement Clinics 347
Total License Plate Sets Sold 1.4 million
Seat Belt Usage Rate 82.3%
Safety Belt Violations 77,042
Number of Fatalities 821

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