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The Virginia League was a minor league baseball affiliation which operated in Virginia and North Carolina from 1906 to 1928. It was classified as a "C" league from 1906 to 1919 and as a "B" league from 1920 to 1928.

The most famous alumni to come out of the league were WWII hero, General Frank A. Armstrong (the highest-ranking military officer to have played professional baseball), and Hall of Fame members Rick Ferrell, Chief Bender, Pie Traynor, and Hack Wilson. Chief Bender, Art Devlin, Gabby Street and Zinn Beck served as managers in the league.

Virginia League Champions †[edit]

  • 1922 - Wilson
  • 1923 - Wilson
  • 1924 - Richmond
  • 1925 - Richmond
  • 1926 - Richmond
  • 1927 - Portsmouth
  • 1928 - Norfolk

Playoffs were not held at the end of most seasons. In those cases, the Champions listed were the teams who ended the regular season in first place.

Complete team list (1906-1928)[edit]

Also spelled "Bronchos."

This team had no known nickname.

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