Virginia State Route 606 (Fairfax and Loudoun Counties)

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State Route 606 marker

State Route 606
Route information

16.68 mi (26.84 km)
Baron Cameron Avenue (Fairfax County): 2.93 mi.
Elden Street (SR 235-6656)(Herndon): 1.65 mi.
Sterling Road (SR 235-6656)(Herndon): 0.93 mi.
Old Ox Road (Loudoun County): 7.25 mi.

Loudoun County Parkway: 3.92 mi.
Major junctions
Northeast end: Virginia 7.svg SR 7 / Leesburg Pike at the Reston / Vienna / Great Falls border

Virginia 228.svg SR 228 / Monroe St. in Herndon
Virginia 28.svg SR 28 / Sully Rd. in Sterling
Virginia 267.svg SR 267 / Dulles Greenway in Sterling

US 50.svg US 50 / Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy. in Arcola
South end: Circle sign 620.svg SR 620 / Braddock Rd. in Chantilly.
Highway system

State Route 606 is a secondary state highway in the U.S. state of Virginia, and traverses Fairfax County and Loudoun County.[1][2] This route goes through Reston and Herndon in Fairfax County, and Sterling and Arcola in Loudoun County. The road is important not only because it is an inter-county connector, but it goes around the back of Dulles Airport, is part of the Loudoun County Parkway, and it provides a shortcut between the Reston / Herndon area and U.S. Route 50. This provides Loudoun County residents an easy way to commute to locations in Herndon or Reston, among other places. Although the Herndon streets are not technically part of SR 606, they are signed as SR 606, and they connect to streets that are part of SR 606, thus providing a continuous route.[3]

Route description[edit]

SR 606 goes by five names: Baron Cameron Avenue in Fairfax County, Elden Street in Herndon as SR 235-6656, Sterling Road in Herndon as SR 235-6656, Old Ox Road in Loudoun County, and the Loudoun County Parkway.


In Reston, SR 606 is called Baron Cameron Avenue. Baron Cameron Avenue starts at an intersection with SR 7, Leesburg Pike. For a short distance (0.18 mi.) SR 606 is concurrent with SR 674. Baron Cameron Avenue then travels westward through the northern part of Reston to the Herndon border.


The Town of Herndon is responsible for the maintenance of its streets,[4] although the Virginia Department of Transportation(VDOT) helps towns and cities financially, and has designated these roads with state route numbers.[5]

Although SR 606 technically ends at the Herndon border, roads within Herndon are signed as SR 606, and they provide a direct connector to SR 606 in Loudoun County, so they are included here. When SR 606 enters the town the route changes to Elden Street, the main commercial road of Herndon. When Elden Street intersects with SR 228, Elden Street becomes SR 228. (signed) SR 606 is concurrent with SR 228 / Elden Street to Sterling Road, where the route continues west toward Loudoun County.

Loudoun County[edit]

In Loudoun County SR 606 continues the path of Sterling Road as a four lane divided highway called Old Ox Road. It heads west until it crosses over SR 28, Sully Road at an interchange. It continues toward the Dulles Greenway (SR 267) as it passes some warehouses on the south side. The intersection with the Dulles Greenway is the planned location for the Route 606 station of the proposed Silver Line of the Washington Metro.

After the interchange with the Dulles Greenway, SR 606 turns to the southwest and goes around the back of Dulles Airport. It passes some single-family houses to the west, and Dulles Airport and some low rise office buildings to the east. Here it turns into a two lane country road.

There is a sign as Arcola is approached that shows that the name of the roadway is now the Loudoun County Parkway. Shortly before the intersection with SR 621 (Evergreen Mill Road), the road expands back to a four lane divided highway. It continues as such past the intersection with US 50, passes through a portion of South Riding, and terminates at SR 620 (Braddock Road).



VDOT has plans to widen Elden St. between Van Buren Street and the Fairfax County Parkway (SR 286). However, due to budget cutbacks, this project has been put on hold.[6]

Loudoun County[edit]

Before construction on the Loudoun County Parkway started, SR 606 ended at the intersection with US 50. As of March 2010, SR 606 has been extended from US 50 to SR 620 (Braddock Road). The portion between SR 620 and Arcola has been designated part of the Loudoun County Parkway, and is a four-lane divided highway.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[1][2][3] Destinations Notes
Fairfax Baron Cameron Avenue
Reston / Vienna / Great Falls 0.00 SR 7 (Leesburg Pike) – Leesburg, Alexandria Northeastern terminus of SR 606
Reston 2.28 Circle sign 602.svg SR 602 (Reston Parkway) - Reston, Virginia, Fairfax Main Reston intersection
2.93 Virginia 6656 (235).png SR 235-6656 (Elden Street) - Herndon
Elden Street (SR 235-6656)
Herndon 2.93 Circle sign 606.svg SR 606 (Baron Cameron Avenue) - Reston East border of Herndon
3.23 Virginia 6658 (235).png SR 235-6658 (Herndon Parkway, South)

Virginia 6660 (235).png SR 235-6660 (Herndon Parkway, North) - Herndon

3.95 Virginia 228.svg SR 228 (Monroe Street) - Dranesville Start of 0.63 mi. concurrency with Virginia 228.svg SR 228
Sterling Road (SR 235-6656)
Herndon 4.58 Virginia 228.svg SR 228 (Elden Street) - Herndon, Centreville End Virginia 228.svg SR 228 concurrency
5.27 Virginia 6658 (235).png SR 235-6658 (Herndon Parkway, South)

Virginia 6660 (235).png SR 235-6660 (Herndon Parkway, North) - Herndon

5.51 Circle sign 606.svg SR 606 (Old Ox Road) - Sterling, South Riding Western Herndon border
Loudoun Old Ox Road
Sterling 5.51 Virginia 6656 (235).png SR 235-6656 (Sterling Road) - Herndon Eastern Loudoun border
6.63 SR 28 (Sully Road) – Centreville, Manassas, Dulles Airport Full Interchange
8.75 SR 267 (Dulles Greenway) – Leesburg, McLean Full Interchange
Loudoun County Parkway
Arcola 13.76 Circle sign 621.svg SR 621 (Evergreen Mills Road) - Leesburg
14.57 US 50 (John Mosby Highway) – Winchester, Fairfax Former end of Old Ox Road and Circle sign 606.svg SR 606
Chantilly 16.68 Circle sign 620.svg SR 620 (Braddock Road) - Annandale, Stone Ridge Southern terminus of SR 606. Straight becomes Ticonderoga Road, Circle sign 613.svg SR 613.