Virtual League Baseball

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Virtual League Baseball
Virtual League Baseball.jpg
Box art
Developer(s) Kemco
Publisher(s) Kemco
Platform(s) Virtual Boy
Release date(s)
  • NA September 11, 1995
  • JP August 11, 1995
Genre(s) Sports (Baseball)
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution 8 Megabit Cartridge

Virtual League Baseball, known in Japan as Virtual Pro Yakyuu '95 (バーチャルプロ野球'95 Bācharu Puro Yakyū '95?), is a 1995 baseball video game developed and published by Kemco for the Virtual Boy. A sequel, Virtual League Baseball 2, was planned, but later canceled due to the Virtual Boy console's poor sales.


There are three modes of play in Virtual League Baseball: Player 1 vs. computer, all-star game, and pennant race. In player 1 vs. computer, one single match is played between the player and the computer. In the all-star game, the player plays against the computer using a team of all-stars from America, Asia, or Europe. In the pennant race, the player plays a series of games against the computer, using passwords to resume play after turning off the console, instead of saving.


The game is notable for being one of a few games playable for the Virtual Boy system at Electronic Entertainment Expo 1995 with coding so broken that it was literally impossible for the player to hit the ball.[1]

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