Virus Attack

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Virus Attack
Virus Attack.jpg
Promotional Image, featuring the protagonists.
Genre Animation
Created by Mondo TV
Opening theme Ready to go!
Ending theme Ready to go (ending music)
Country of origin Italy
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 52
Producer(s) Suko
Mondo TV
Running time 13 minutes
Distributor Mondo TV
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run 2011 – present

Virus Attack is an Italian animated television series co-produced from Suko and Mondo TV. It was created to raise awareness of pollution-related problems in the audience of youngsters. The series consists of 52 episodes of about 13 minutes each and was first aired on 1 April 2011 by Cartoon Network.[1][2][3]


The peaceful life of the planet Earth is suddenly interrupted by a monstrous invasion of viruses that destroy everything in their path and absorb the energy. Fortunately, it is detected in the blood of five kids named David, Alice, Zuri, Rodan and George, an unusual DNA. Thanks to a special formula developed by the brilliant scientist Edward Amaldi, they can gain incredible skills and become superheroes antivirus. From this moment the fate of the world depends on them.


The opening and ending theme is Ready to go! by KarTunes Band.


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