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Virus Bulletin
First issue 1989
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Virus Bulletin is a magazine about the prevention, detection and removal of malware and spam. It regularly features analyses of the latest virus threats, articles exploring new developments in the fight against viruses, interviews with anti-virus experts, and evaluations of current anti-malware products.

Technical experts from anti-virus vendors have written articles for the magazine, which also conducts comparison tests of the detection rates of anti-virus software. Products which manage to detect 100% of the viruses in the wild, without false alarming, are given the VB100 award.

The magazine holds an annual conference (in late September, early October) for the anti-virus industry.[citation needed] In recent years both magazine and conference have branched out to discuss anti-spam issues as well as malware.

Virus Bulletin is located in the Sophos headquarters in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in the UK, was co-founded and is owned by Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer, the co-founders of Sophos. Virus Bulletin claims to have full editorial independence and not to favour Sophos products in its tests and reviews.[1]


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