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Virus Recordings is an UK-based drum and bass record label, specialising in the techstep and neurofunk sub-genres.[1] Founded by Ed Rush and Optical in 1998, the label is known[who?] as the main home[clarification needed] of the duo as well as Fierce, Matrix, and MC Ryme Tyme. With a series of releases from these artists and others like Bad Company and Cause 4 Concern, including the owners' seminal debut LP, Wormhole. The label was associated with the rise of the dark, sci-fi and techno influenced techstep and neurofunk sounds in the late 1990s.[citation needed] Virus Recordings continues to be influential today,[how?] having recently celebrated its 15th birthday.[citation needed]

List of Virus Albums[edit]

001 LP: Wormhole - Ed Rush & Optical

002 LP: Sleepwalk - Matrix

003 LP: The Creeps - Ed Rush & Optical

004 LP: The Original Doctor Shade - Ed Rush & Optical

005 LP: Virus Vaults - Ed Rush & Optical

006 LP: Chameleon - Optical & Ed Rush

007 LP: Travel The Galaxy - Ed Rush & Optical

008 LP: Genesis Device - Audio

009 LP: Dirty Tricks - Optiv & BTK

010 LP: Soulmagnet - Audio

011 LP: Force Of Nature - Audio

012 LP: Optiv & BTK - Blackjack

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