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Visitors to Georgia must obtain a visa from one of the Georgian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 3 months.

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa policy of Georgia

Visa policy[edit]

Georgia adopted a new law of on Legal Status of Alien and Stateless Persons that went into effect on 1 September 2014.

All visa exempt nationals are allowed now to stay for a maximum of up to 90 days within 180 days. After this period, citizens who want to continue working in Georgia will have to obtain a visa, for which they will have to leave Georgia, as the visa is issued only in Georgian embassies abroad. Citizens of countries that require visas are issued with visas for a single entry and a 30-day stay.[1] The list of countries whose citizens have the right of visa-free entry to Georgia is no longer provided in the new law, it is determined in the separate ordinance of the Government of Georgia. The extension of visa-free stay is not be possible for holders of ordinary passports.[2] The visa-free list was approved on 26 August 2014.[3]

Nationals of the following countries and territories may visit Georgia without a visa:[4]

Visa exemption also applies to:[5]

  • Georgian diaspora members who are citizens of countries that otherwise require a visa – for stays not exceeding 30 days
  • United Nations laissez-passer holders for 90 days within any 180 days
  • Persons with refugee status in Georgia
Online visa

In February 2015 Georgia launched an e-VISA portal allowing citizens of countries that are required to obtain a visa to do so online without a visit to the Georgian diplomatic mission or consulate.[6] For the following nationalities it is required to hold a valid Schengen visa or a valid visa from any of the OECD member countries or a valid residence permit of a Schengen or OECD country:[7]

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