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Visitors to Georgia must obtain a visa from one of the Georgian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 3 months.

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa policy of Georgia

Visa policy[edit]

Georgia adopted a new law of on Legal Status of Alien and Stateless Persons that went into effect on 1 September 2014.

All visa exempt nationals are allowed now to stay for a maximum of up to 90 days within 180 days. After this period, citizens who want to continue working in Georgia will have to obtain a visa, for which they will have to leave Georgia, as the visa is issued only in Georgian embassies abroad. Citizens of countries that require visas are issued with visas for a single entry and a 30-day stay.[1] The list of countries whose citizens have the right of visa-free entry to Georgia is no longer provided in the new law, it is determined in the separate ordinance of the Government of Georgia. The extension of visa-free stay is not be possible for holders of ordinary passports.[2] The visa-free list was approved on 26 August 2014.[3]

Nationals of the following countries and territories may visit Georgia without a visa:[4]

1 — may enter using ID card.[5]

Visa exemption also applies to:[6]

Online visa

In February 2015 Georgia launched an e-VISA portal allowing citizens of countries that are required to obtain a visa to do so online without a visit to the Georgian diplomatic mission or consulate.[7] For the following nationalities it is required to hold a valid Schengen visa or a valid visa from any of the OECD member countries or a valid residence permit of a Schengen or OECD country:[8]

Nationals of  Nauru,  Nicaragua and  Venezuela are not eligible for an online visa.

Nationals of all African countries (except Comoros and São Tomé and Príncipe) and all Asian countries (except East Timor and Maldives) and also nationals of Haiti and Jamaica have to provide a proof of accommodation, round flight ticket, travel insurance and a proof of financial means in order to obtain an e-VISA.

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