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Visitors to Libya must obtain a visa from one of the Libyan diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.

Libya currently does not issue tourist visas.[1] There are plans to reintroduce tourist visas in 2014.[2] Libyan borders with Chad, Niger, Sudan and Algeria are closed.[3] In reality these borders are not controlled by the Government but by Tuareg people and Toubou people.[4]

As of 2013, governments of the United States,[5] New Zealand,[6] Australia,[7] Canada,[8] Republic of Ireland,[9] the United Kingdom,[10] Spain,[11] France,[12] Hungary,[13] Latvia,[14] Germany,[15] Austria,[16] Bulgaria,[17] Norway,[18] Croatia,[19] Romania,[20] Slovenia,[21] Czech Republic,[22] Russia,[23] Denmark,[24] Slovakia,[25] Estonia,[26] Italy,[27] Poland[28] advise their citizens against all (or in some cases all but essential) travel to Libya.

Visa exemption[edit]

Citizens of the following countries can visit Libya without a visa:[29]

Compulsory Currency Exchange[edit]

Visitors travelling to Libya for touristic purposes are required to convert US$ 1,000, or equivalent, in freely convertible cash or debit the amount from a valid credit card upon arrival. Failure to do so, will result in the traveler being refused entry. Exempt are those visiting a resident, provided holding proof of sponsorship covering entire stay and those traveling as part of a paid tourist package if holding a valid visa.[35]

Entry ban[edit]

Visitors will be refused entry if holding travel documents containing a visa (valid or expired) for Israel or any evidence of entry in Israel.[35]

Entry and transit is refused to Israel Israeli citizens, even if not leaving the aircraft and proceeding by the same flight.[36]


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