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Zambia visa

Visitors to Zambia must obtain a visa from one of the Zambian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries whose citizens are eligible for visa on arrival. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 4 months. In May 2014 Zambia and Zimbabwe agreed to implement a common visa regime.[1] Zambia decided to implement an electronic visa system in August 2014.[2]

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa exemption countries

Visa exemption countries[edit]

Citizens of following 42 countries and territories do not need a visa to enter Zambia for up to 90 days as tourists or 30 days for business:[3]

Holders of the following British passports:

British Overseas Territories Citizens:
British Citizens:

Holders of the following New Zealand passports:

Holders of the following Australian passports:

Visa On Arrival[edit]

Citizens of following 92 countries and territories may obtain a visa for Zambia on arrival for up to 90 days as tourists or 30 days for business:[4]



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