Visconte Maggiolo

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1527 map by Visconte Maggiolo showing the east coast of North America with "Tera Florida" at the top and "Lavoradore" (Labrador) at the bottom. The information supposedly[1] came from Giovanni da Verrazzano's voyage in 1524 (Ambrosian Library in Milan, Italy.)

Visconte Maggiolo (1478 – 1530), also spelled Maiollo and Maiolo, was an Italian cartographer and sailor.

He was born in Florence and was a fellow sailor of explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. He died of malaria in 1530.

In 1527, he created a map depicting Verrazzano's travels. This map had a major error, as Giovanni did not accurately describe the North American continent. This error was not to be fixed for over a century.