Vision Crew Unlimited

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Vision Crew Unlimited
Industry Visual effects, CGI
Fate Closed
Founded 1994
Defunct 2002
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA
Key people Evan Jacobs, Jon Warren, Douglas Miller
Employees 20-50

Vision Crew Unlimited (VCU) was a motion picture and TV commercial visual effects company founded in 1994 by visual effects artists Evan Jacobs, Jon Warren and Douglas Miller.[1] The company later expanded into a full service visual effects firm.

In 1996, VCU contributed miniature effects to James Cameron's film Titanic. While they were initially hired as a subcontractor to lead effects house Digital Domain, VCU was ultimately hired directly by 20th Century Fox to build miniatures for the engine room sequence as well.[2][3][4] In an interesting coincidence later that same year, the company was contracted to work on a CBS TV miniseries with the same name.[5]

While the company worked on many feature films, they were much more prolific in the television commercial market, and worked on over forty spots in eight years.[6] Their work was featured in ads for the majority of car brands[7] as well as Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and Geico.

In 1998, Jacobs and John Hoffman were nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries representing VCU's work on HBO's "From the Earth to the Moon".

Vision Crew closed in April 2002. The company attributed its shutdown to a difficult business climate and the founders' interest in pursuing other projects and opportunities.[8]


Feature films[edit]

Episodic and long-form television[edit]

Television commercials[edit]

Saint Paul Insurance "Boat" Dodge "Truckville" Buick "Igor"
Ford Explorer "Geyser" Evolution Trailer Chrysler "Bridge"
Oscar Meyer "Kid Kong" UUNet "Tower" & "Train" Motomaster
Dodge "Diesel" Anti-Smoking "Stereo Kid" PSA Sony PlayStation "Access Granted"
Hyundai "Expand" Mercedes print ad Jeep "Hand"[9]
Toyota "Tundra" Lexus "Fly" Dodge "Saw"
Land Rover print ad Zyrtec "Apartment" & "Attic" Garlic Tabasco "Vampire"
Mercedes "Performance" Anti-Smoking PSA "50 Ways"[10] Lexus "High Bank" & "Hanger"[7]
Mazda "Transmission" Zyrtec "Power" Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Royal Oil"
Diet Dr. Pepper "Shuttle" Nissan "Toys II" Geico "Lake"
Geico "Alternate Transportation" Hi-C "Blast" Pizza Hut "Bread Subs"
Jeep "Recognize It" Duracell "Fishing" Plymouth "Shakers"
New York-New York Hotel & Casino Jeep "Ice Fishing" Plymouth "Mighty Mouse"[11]
Coca-Cola "Things We Know" Broken Arrow teaser trailer Acclaim NFL Quarterback Club


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