Vista Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

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For other uses, see Vista Alegre (disambiguation).
Map of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil highlighting Vista Alegre
State: Rio Grande do Sul
Meso-region: Northeastern Rio Grande do Sul
(Norteste Rio-Grandense)
Micro-Region: Frederico Westphalen
Founded: September 5, 1988
Location: 27.367/27° 22' 1" S lat.
53.492/53° 29' 25" W long.
Area: 76.742 km²
Population (2003):
- Total
- Change
- Density

Elevation: 546 m
Postal code: 98415-xxx

Vista Alegre is a municipality of the western part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Its area is 76.742 km². and its population was 2,918 in 2003. Its elevation is at 546 m.The municipality was founded on the same day and year as Itacurubi in the same state.

The municipality was founded by the friend Marotti/


Vista Alegre has a school or a collegiate, churches and a few squares and parks.

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