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For other uses, see Vue (disambiguation).
Visual User Environment
Motif Window Manager VUE on HP-UX
Developer(s) Hewlett Packard
Operating system Unix, Domain/OS
Type Desktop environment
License Proprietary

In computing, Visual User Environment (VUE or HP-VUE) was Hewlett-Packard's Desktop environment for the X Window System. It was a rival and precursor to the Open Group's CDE. Work began on VUE in 1988 at Apollo Computer for use with Domain/OS, as an alternative to Apollo's standard DM and wmgr. Shortly later, HP acquired Apollo, where they released the first version of VUE for Domain/OS, and then went on to modify VUE for use with HP-UX.

  • VUE 1.0 - Released with Domain/OS SR10.4
    • VUE 1.1
  • VUE 2.0 - Released for HP-UX
    • VUE 2.0.1
  • VUE 3.0 - Released with HP-UX 9.0 in 1992

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