Vitanovo Reserve

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The Vitanovo reserve.

Vitanovo (Bulgarian: Витаново) is a nature reserve in the Strandzha Natural Park in the Strandzha mountains, in south-eastern Bulgaria near the border with Turkey. The reserve is 754.5 hectares large.

Within the territory of the reserve there are 462 species of plants: 421 herbaceous, 26 relict and 9 Balkan endemic species. The reserve is characterized by forests of Carpinus betulus, Quercus cerris and different species of oak.

Among the natural landmarks in Vitanovo are karst springs and caves, the most studied of which is the Bratanova Cave.

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Coordinates: 41°59′38″N 27°25′29″E / 41.99389°N 27.42472°E / 41.99389; 27.42472