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Vitaya logo.svg
Launched 2000
Owned by Vmma
Audience share 2.07% (2008, [1])
Country Belgium
TV Vlaanderen Digitaal (BE) Channel 7
Astra 1L 19.2° east 12.670V, 22.0, 5/6
Telenet Digital TV (Flanders) Channel 8
Telenet Digital TV (Brussels) Channel 107
Telenet Check your local listings at
Voo (Brussels) Digital Channel 61
Belgacom TV (VDSL) (Flanders) Channel 7
Belgacom TV (VDSL) (Brussels) Channel 56
Belgacom TV (VDSL) (Wallonia) Channel 226

Vitaya is a Flemish television station. The station got its license for 9 years in 1999 and it started to broadcast on 25 August 2000. Vitaya can be seen on Flemish cable and satellite services. The station is part of the Media ad Infinitum group.

Vitaya began as a niche station with seven blocks of programming:

  • Eet-Wijzer
  • Gemengde Gevoelens
  • Spiegelbeeld
  • Vrije Tijd
  • Wonen
  • Kinderen
  • Vitali-Tijd.

In 2003 the station expanded the broadcast time in favor of more local productions, daily newscasts, a cooking show and a fitness show.

Vitaya profiles itself as a lifestyle station and is oriented at the following subjects: happiness, health, good food, the family, gardening and interior design, fashion, leisure and travel, lifestyle and human interest.[citation needed]

Because of the launch of the SBS station Vijf with a similar profile, Vitaya received some competition.[2] Vitaya started to show more foreign productions and produced more own programs and thereby drastically expanded the broadcasting time. In that way the station was able to keep on growing and end 2005 in the green.[citation needed]



  • 1000 Seconden
  • Beestig Gek!
  • Brits op je bord
  • Droomhotels
  • Het V-Team
  • Koken met Guy
  • Vitali-Tijd