Vito Bratta

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Vito Bratta
Background information
Born July 1st, 1961 (Age 52)
Staten Island, New York
Genres Heavy Metal, Glam Metal, Hard Rock
Occupations Musician, Songwriter
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Years active 1983-1994
Associated acts White Lion, Dreamer

Vito Bratta (born July 1, 1961, Staten Island, New York, United States) is the former guitarist and main songwriter for the rock band White Lion. Bratta co-founded White Lion with lead singer Mike Tramp in 1983 and played with the band until 1992.[1] He was influenced by Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Robin Trower and many other rock and blues guitar players of the 1970s and 80s. His playing has been described as melodic, original and technically accomplished. Bratta often employed two-handed tapping, sweep picking, pinch harmonics and various whammy bar techniques that made him the center of attention on stage. Although not well known to the mainstream public, he is highly respected in the world of rock guitar. Following the breakup of White Lion, he produced an album for the band CPR on Atlantic Records. Bratta has not been involved in the music industry in any capacity since 1994. He is said to be currently living in his childhood house in Staten Island with his parents.[citation needed]

In 2003, Mike Tramp attempted to reunite with Bratta but was unsuccessful. Tramp talked about Bratta in a 2007 interview with Anarchy Music, claiming Bratta was always quiet and maintained a certain distance from the rest of the band.

On February 16, 2007, Bratta gave his first live interview in over 12 years. The following key points were revealed during the Eddie Trunk interview: Bratta's father went through a 5 year illness, which required a large amount of personal time and commitment on Vito's part, both emotionally and financially. In 1997, he injured his wrist and finds it painful to move his hand up and down an electric guitar's neck; however he still manages to play classical guitars without excessive discomfort. In addition, he clarified that he has never ruled out a White Lion/Mike Tramp reunion; up until now, they have simply been impossible due to family obligations and his wrist injury.

In April 2007, Vito Bratta made his first public musical appearances in over 15 years, at both Friday and Saturday nights shows at the L'Amour Reunion Shows in New York.[2]


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