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Vitran Corporation Inc. dba Vitran Express is a Canadian based corporation (Corp Headquarters: Toronto, ON; U.S. Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) which provides US domestic and Canadian LTL and expedited freight services. Vitran employees about 2500 people and operates about 100 terminals in the US and Canada. In 2006, Vitran reported revenues of about $514 million ( In 2014, Vitran was acquired by TransForce.

In 2006 and 2007 Vitran acquired several complementary freight firms. These companies were:

  • Chris Truck Line – prior service area: CO, KS, OK, TX, AR
  • Sierra West Express – prior service area: AZ, CA, NV, and OR
  • PJAX Freight System – prior service area: NJ, MD, DE, VA, PA, OH, IN, MI, IL, KY, WV

Rick Gaetz founded Vitran.

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