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Vitsoe Limited
Type Limited
Industry Furniture and home interiors
Founded 4 September 1959
Headquarters London, UK

Vitsœ is a British furniture company that manufactures and retails furniture designed by Dieter Rams. Vitsœ's furniture is known as a German design classic.

Company history[edit]


Niels Wiese Vitsœ (1913–1995) was introduced to Dieter Rams by fellow designer Otto Zapf. In 1959 they founded a company called Vitsœ+Zapf to manufacture Rams's furniture designs. Although Rams was working for Braun at the time, Erwin and Artur Braun decided to allow him to work on side projects.

In 1969, the company was renamed 'Vitsœ' when Otto Zapf left the company.

Since 1995, the company and all manufacturing have been based in England.

606 Universal Shelving System[edit]

Sixth design in 1960.jpg

Vitsœ's main product, the 606 Universal Shelving System was designed by Dieter Rams, in 1960. It is a modular system that can be adjusted and extended to individual needs. It is part of the collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

620 Chair Programme[edit]

Designed in 1962 by Dieter Rams, the 620 is a modular chair which can be converted from a low back to a high back chair by the owner. The legs of the 620 can be removed and replaced with casters, a combination of legs and casters, or a swivel base. The arms of the chair are removable, and if desired, additional chairs can be connected to form a sofa of any desired length. All of the chair's upholstery is removable and replaceable.

The 620 won the Rosenthal Studio Prize in 1966 and a Gold Medal at the International Furniture Exhibition in Vienna in 1969. The chair has been a part of the Victoria and Albert Museum's permanent collection since 1970.


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