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Founded 2008
Founder Kushal Chakrabarti
Brett Witt
Focus Education
Area served
Method Microcredit

Vittana is a non-governmental organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to students in the developing world.[1] It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Seattle.[2] Vittana focuses on student loans because student loans are nearly unavailable in developing countries.[3]

The loans issued by Vittana range from $200 to $1,500 and are funded by individual lenders through Kiva's lending platform and through Vittana's funds.[1] Students are given cash advances for educational expenses before money from donors has been collected.[4] The cash advance provided by a partner organization is covered when Kiva or Vittana has aggregated sufficient money from donors.[5] One hundred percent of the loans are given to the student.[1] A mother or a close relative acts as a co-signer.[3] The recipient of the loan can repay the loan after landing a job.[5] Vittana students have had a 98% repayment rate.[1] Vittana's first comprehensive impact study showed that students increased their incomes an average of 93% after graduation.

Vittana has collaborated with several organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, Brigham Young University, Frog Design, Grameen Foundation, HOPE International, Lex Mundi, Orrick, Perkins Coie, Pop!Tech, Unitus and University of Washington, Seattle. In collaboration with Clinton Global Initiative as a key education partner, Vittana partnered with Africa's microfinance institutions to launch lending programs which fund post-secondary education for young people.[6] The loans are able to help 10,000 students complete higher education by 2015.[6] has backed Vittana's educational loans.[7]


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