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Viva is an acclamation or salutation that comes from Latin. It still has a meaning in neo-Latin languages in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian which means "Long live... !" (or more literally "Live!").

In the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian this word is present in the conjugation of the verb Vivir, Viver and Vivere (to live) respectively as third person imperative ("viva") and as the first three person of the conjunctive ("che egli viva").

It can also refer to:


  • Viva!, Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Viva (actress), a Warhol "superstar"
  • Viva La Vida, an iconic artwork by Frida Kahlo, the title meaning (Long Live Life)
  • Viva Las Vegas, a 1964 film starring Elvis Presley
  • Viva Entertainment, a Filipino media company
  • VIVA (TV station), originally a German music television network now available throughout Europe
  • Viva, a former name of the Canadian television speciality channel Oprah Winfrey Network
  • Canal Viva, a Globosat TV channel
  • Viva Media, an interactive entertainment company based in New York City
  • Viva (film), a 2007 film directed by Anna Biller
  • Viva la Bam, an MTV production TV show, following skater Bam Margera and his friends, the "CKY crew"
  • Viva 963, a former UK radio channel
  • Viva, a presentation after a completion of a project or research, where the markers questions your findings closely.
  • VIVA, an Israeli television channel




Games and sports[edit]

  • VIVA World Cup, an international football tournament organized by the NFB
  • Viva Kerala, a professional football club based in Kerala, India
  • Viva Piñata, a computer game for the Xbox 360 games console