Viva Green

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Viva Green
System York Region Transit
Operator Veolia Transportation
Status Phase 2
Began service October 16, 2005.
Locale Markham and Toronto
Ontario, Canada
Start Don Mills
End McCowan-Highway 7
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Viva Green is a Viva bus rapid transit line in York Region, north of Toronto, Canada. The Rapid Transit Network Plan will reroute Viva Green away from its current routing in 2015, instead having it provide express service along Leslie Street between Don Mills Station and Major Mackenzie Drive. In 2016 Viva Green will be extended west along Major Mackenzie Drive to Harding Boulevard (west of Yonge Street).[citation needed]

There are 11 stations on the Green line, between the southerly terminus at Don Mills subway station in North York and McCowan Road in Markham

Viva Green
Name Opening Date City/Town Major Connections
Don Mills Station October 16, 2005 North York Sheppard subway line
Seneca Hill October 16, 2005 North York
McNicoll October 16, 2005 North York
Esna-Steeles October 16, 2005 Markham
Denison October 16, 2005 Markham
14th October 16, 2005 Markham
Warden November 20, 2005 Markham Viva Purple, Viva Pink
Enterprise November 20, 2005 Markham Viva Purple, Viva Pink
Kennedy November 20, 2005 Markham Viva Purple
Bullock November 20, 2005 Markham Viva Purple
McCowan November 20, 2005 Markham Viva Purple

The line only operates during peak times. To access Unionville Station, passengers should get off at Enterprise Viva station on Viva Purple or Viva Green and walk to the station, or take Viva Pink to Unionville GO Station.

Frequency of vehicles[edit]

The frequency of vehicles is every 19 minutes. The route only runs during peak periods. (06:30-09:30 and 15:30-18:30)

Travel times[edit]

As of September 2011:

  • Don Mills Station to Enterprise: 39 minutes on peak periods to Enterprise
  • Enterprise to McCowan: 11 minutes on peak periods

These results will vary depending on the traffic volume and weather.

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