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Vivante Corporation
Founded 2004
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, United States
Products Semiconductor intellectual property

Vivante Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with an R&D center in Shanghai, China. The company was founded in 2004 as GiQuila and focused on the portable gaming market. The company's first product was a DirectX-compatible graphics processing unit (GPU) capable of playing PC games. In 2007, GiQuila changed its name to Vivante and changed the direction of the company to focus on the design and licensing of embedded graphics processing unit designs. The company is licensing its Mobile Visual Reality to semiconductor solution providers that serve embedded computing markets for mobile gaming, high-definition home entertainment, image processing, and automotive display and entertainment.

Vivante is named as a contributor to the HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation.[1]


Since changing directions Vivante has developed a range of GPU cores that are compliant with the OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 standards as well as the OpenVG standard.[2][3]

Model Date Cores Die Size (mm2) Config core[3] Fillrate (@600 MHz) Bus width
HSA-features API (version) Video codecs GFLOPS(@600 MHz) Usage
MPolygons/s (GP/s) (GT/s) OpenGL ES OpenVG OpenCL OpenGL Direct3D MPEG-2 H.264 HEVC VP8 VP9 Daala
GC200 32/16 ? 2.0 1.1 N/A 3.0/2.1 11
GC400 1(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11 6(High)
GC600 1(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 1.2/1.1 3.0/2.1 11 CuBox
GC800 1(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0[4] optional 3.0/2.1 11 RK291x, ATM7013, ATM7019
GC860 1(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11 Jz4770: GCW-Zero NOVO7
GC880 1(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11
GC1000 2(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11 16(High) ATM7029, Marvell PXA986[5]
GC2000 4(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 1.2 3.0/2.1 11 32(High) i.MX6
GC4000 8(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11 64(High) HiSilicon K3V2
GC5000 8/16(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11 64(High)
Marvell PXA1928[6]
GC6000 1/32(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.0/2.1 11 128(High)
GC7000 32/64(VEC-4)
32/16 ? 3.1[7] 3.0/2.1 11 256(High)
GC8000 ?


They have announced that as of 2009 they have at least fifteen licensees who have used their GPUs in twenty embedded designs.[8] Application processors using Vivante GPU technology:

Linux support[edit]

There are no plans on writing a new DRM/KMS driver kernel driver for the Vivante hardware, since Vivante previously put out their Linux kernel component under the GNU General Public License (GPL), instead of maintaining it as a proprietary blob. The free Gallium3D-style device driver etna_viv has surpassed Vivante's own proprietary user-space driver in some benchmarks.[citation needed] It supports Vivante's product line of GC400 Series, GC800 Series, GC1000 Series, GC2000 Series and GC4000 Series.[14]

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