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A bowl of chocolate vla topped with whipped cream .
Type Vla
Place of origin Netherlands
Main ingredients milk, vla (or eggs, cornstarch, vanilla, sugar)
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This article is about the food products. For uses of the acronym VLA, see VLA (disambiguation).

Vla (About this sound pronunciation ) is a Dutch dairy product made from fresh milk that first appeared in the 1950s. Modern vla uses cornstarch rather than eggs. It is sweetened with sugar, and vanilla is often added. It has the viscosity of yogurt and is served cold.

Vla is available in many different flavours. Plain vanilla vla is frequently served as a vlaflip, with yogurt and fruit syrup. It comes in several flavours, such as chocolate, caramel, vanilla, banana, etc. and some are limited editions like orange (with an artificial orange flavour) sold only at the time of national events in the Netherlands like koningsdag or the world and European championships (as long as the Netherlands is still in the competition). Dairy producers will also regularly experiment with unusual variations.

Vla found in Dutch supermarkets is usually also made with other additives including thickeners. Vla was originally sold in glass bottles and the consistency made extracting the complete amount difficult, so a special bottle scraper (flessenschraper or flessenlikker) was specifically designed. Despite the fact that vla is now normally sold in cartons, these scrapers are still common in Dutch family kitchens.

Although vla is originally a typical Dutch product, it has also been introduced in Belgium by Campina in the year 2013 under the name vla or "crème dessert".

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