Vladimir Movsisyan

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Vladimir Migranovich Movsisyan (Armenian: Վլադիմիր Մովսիսյան Vladimir Movsishan, November 12, 1933, Shenavan, Spitak region, Armenia – November 5, 2014, Yerevan, Armenia) was an Armenian politician.

He studied at Highest school of CPSU Central Committee. He ruled the agro-industry in Soviet Armenia. In 1990 he was the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Armenia the last one who officially ruled Soviet Armenia (Movsisyan was succeed by the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan).

In 1993 he administered the defence of Ijevan. In the 1990s he was the governor of Gegharkunik, then the Minister of agriculture of Armenia.

Movsisyan was also awarded the prestigious St. Mesrop Mashtots medal.

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