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For other people named Vladimir Rokhlin, see Vladimir Rokhlin (disambiguation).

Vladimir Rokhlin (born August 4, 1952 in USSR) is mathematician[1][2] and professor of computer science and mathematics at the Yale University.[3] He is co-inventor of the fast multipole method (FMM) in 1987, recognised as one of the top-ten algorithms of the 20th century.[1][4][5]

Short biography[edit]

Vladimir Rokhlin was born on August 4, 1952 in Voronezh, USSR (now Russia). In 1973 he received a M.S. in mathematics from the University of Vilnius in Lithuania, and in 1983 a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the Rice University located in Houston, Texas, United States. In 1985 Rokhlin started working at the Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut, United States, where he is now professor of computer science and mathematics.[1][2]

He is the son of Soviet mathematician Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin.[6]

Awards and honors[edit]

Vladimir Rokhlin received several awards and honors, including:


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