Vladislav of Croatia

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Duke of Croatia
Reign February 821 – c. 835
Predecessor Borna of Croatia
Successor Mislav of Croatia
Father Klonimir, brother of Borna
Died c. 835

Vladislav was a nephew and successor of Duke Borna of Littoral Croatia. He reigned, as Duke of Littoral Croatia, from February 821 to ca. 835.[1]

Most information about Vladislav is carried by the Royal Frankish Annals when it speaks about Borna's death.[2] It is uncertain until what year Vladislav was active as a monarch, however most historians cite the year 835 as an approximate end of his rule. Duke Vladislav ruled from Nin as a loyal vassal of the Frankish Emperor Lothair I.


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Preceded by
Duke of Littoral Croatia
February 821 – 835
Succeeded by