Vodka Lemon

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Vodka Lemon
Vodka Lemon film poster
Directed by Hiner Saleem
Produced by Fabrice Guez
Written by Lei Dinety,
Pauline Gouzenne,
Hiner Saleem
Starring Romen Avinian,
Lala Sarkissian
Release dates
October 1, 2004
Running time
84 min
Language Kurdish/Armenian/Russian/French
Budget $2,0 M

Vodka Lemon is a 2003 film directed by the IraqiKurdish director Hiner Saleem.


The movie is set in a Yazidi village in Armenia, still suffering economically from the Soviet collapse. Hamo, a widower with three sons, visits his wife's grave everyday. In the graveyard, he meets Nina, a widow who works in a local bar named Vodka Lemon which is about to close down. Both are penniless, yet start an unexpected relationship which revitalizes them.


  1. San Marco Prize, Best Film Award, 60th Venice International Film Festival, 2003.
  2. Jury Award, Feature Film/Best Actor, Newport Beach Film Festival, 2004.
  3. Grand Prize, Jury Prize and Best Photography, Mons International Festival of Love Films, 2004.
  4. Best Film 2003 nominee - Bangkok Film Festival, 2004


  • Romen Avinian
  • Lala Sarkissian
  • Gagik Sargsyan
  • Ruzan Mesropyan
  • Zahal Karielachvili
  • Armen Marutyan
  • Astrik Avaguian
  • Ivan Franek


  • Director : Hiner Saleem
  • Producer : Fabrice Guez
  • Line Producer : Michel Loro
  • Associate Producer : Rosanna Seregni - Titiana Soudani
  • Music : Michel Korb
  • DP : Christophe Pollock
  • Ivan Franek

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