Vodka martini

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Vodka martini

A vodka martini, also known as a vodkatini or kangaroo cocktail,[1] is a cocktail made with vodka and vermouth, a variation of a martini.

A vodka martini is made by combining vodka, dry vermouth and ice in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. The ingredients are chilled, either by stirring or shaking, then strained and served "straight up" (without ice) in a chilled cocktail glass. The drink may be garnished with an olive, a "twist" (a strip of lemon peel squeezed or twisted), capers, or cocktail onions (with the onion garnish specifically yielding a vodka Gibson).

The vodka martini has become a common and popular cocktail, but some purists maintain that while it is a perfectly fine drink, it isn't a martini unless made with gin.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

In creative works[edit]

  • James Bond famously drinks a "Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred."[3]
  • On the US television show I Dream of Jeannie, Jeannie makes vodka martini gush from a rock in the desert for Captain Nelson, calling it his "favorite potion" (though at the time he needed water).
    • A pink-colored, fruit-flavored variant of the vodka martini is named the I Dream of Jeannie Martini.


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