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Vodno mountain

Vodno (Macedonian: About this sound Водно ) is a mountain in Macedonia. It is located in the northern part of the country, to the southwest of the capital city Skopje. The highest point of the mountain is at Krstovar peak, on 1066 meters and the submontane is on 337 meters (Middle Vodno is on 557 m). In 2002, on Krstovar peak the Millennium Cross was built, the biggest christian cross in the world.


The climate on Vodno Mountain is goody, typically mountainous. In different period in the year the climate is changing a lot and for that the average temperature is 23 Со. The lowest temperature measured on the mountain in January 2005 is -15 Со and the highest measured temperature in July 2005 is 43 Со .


Skopje view from Vodno Mountain

Vodno has heterogeneous hydrographic web: streams, vaults, waterfalls, springs. Vodno has a lot of streams which are used by the shepherds for feeting their goods and for watering the wild chestnuts.

Vodno has two types of vaults

  • Arterial
  • Well water

The objects that are on a higher above sea level are using the arterial underground water, and the objects that are placed on lower above sea level use the well water ones.

The water is bacteriologically and chemically clean.

Vodno has a mini waterfall which is high 15 meters and is more active in spring when the snow coverlet is melting.

Vodno has a lot of spings too that are used for the need of the local people.


From vegetation on Vodno mountain you can find deciduous and evergreen plants.

From the deciduous you can find the wild chestnut, lime tree, oak etc.

The evergreen plants are in bigger number related to the deciduous one. From the evergreen plants you can find the pine from the both sides of the mountain. In smaller number there are the juniperus and the boxwood.



Skopje from Vodno

Vodno today[edit]

Although Vodno is a significant tourist center, the revenues from tourism are relatively low.


Houses in Dolno Sonje on the slopes of mount Vodno.

The tourism on Vodno mountain we can divide on:

  • Recreation tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Modern Tourism

Recreation Tourism[edit]

On Vodno mountain one of the biggest impression is the waterfall "Prskalo" But not just the waterfall is there. There too you can find some other places that can easily "grab" your eyes.

One of them is the village Down Sonje that is one of the most beautiful landscapes on this mountain. The whole village is made by the power of the nature without people help almost untouched with exception of the hunters.

Cultural Tourism[edit]

On Vodno can be found some manifestations and churches, monasteryies and of course monuments.

Churches and Monasteries[edit]

Middle Vodno Monastery.
Nativity of the Theotokos Church.
    • Churches
  • Saint Spas - Down Sonje
  • Saint Spas - Sopishte
  • Saint Mina - Sopishte
  • Saint Nicolas - Gorno Sonje
  • Saint Panteleimon - Dolno Nerezi
    • Monasteries
  • Saint Panteleimon - Nerezi
  • Saint Triphun - 5 km from Vodno

The Churches are cultural-historical-religious heritage which remained with years. The older churches are the most attractive religious object for the tourists. The churches and monasteries are very attractive because they kept their authenticity without being reconstructed. From one side they are monuments and from the other places to stay.


  • Christmas Eve
  • Seasonal Car Races
  • Eko projects

The manifestations are in general most visited by the local people, because they have entertaining and cultural character and for that they are interesting along the population.


  • Millennium Cross
  • Big Stone
  • War Caves from the 1940
  • Destroyed houses from 1944
  • Remnant war objects from 1950

The monuments are the most visited attractions and from them we can divide the Millennium Cross which is one of the biggest attractions not just in Macedonia, but in whole Europe too.[citation needed] It was built in 2000 for marking out 2000 years since Jesus Christ was born.

Cable car[edit]

Cable car.

As of 2011, a chairlift has been in operation to allow an easy ascent to visit the Millennium Cross. The lift starts halfway up Vodno and ends at the Cross, taking approximately 7 minutes to ascend.

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Coordinates: 41°57′55″N 21°23′40″E / 41.9653°N 21.3944°E / 41.9653; 21.3944