Vogar (municipality)

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Location of the Municipality of Vogar
Location of the Municipality of Vogar
Coordinates: 63°58′53″N 22°23′05″W / 63.98139°N 22.38472°W / 63.98139; -22.38472
Country  Iceland
Constituency[1] Suðurkjördæmi
Region[2] Suðurnes[3]
County Gullbringusýsla
 • Total 165 km2 (64 sq mi)
Population (January 2011)
 • Total 1,161
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
Postcode 190
Website Official website

Vogar is a municipality located in western Iceland, between Reykjavík and the international airport of Keflavík.

As of January 2011, it had a total population of 1,161. The total area is 165 km². Its centre is in the town of Vogar.


  1. ^ Political division
  2. ^ Mainly statistical division
  3. ^ Formerly named Reykjanes

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