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Voices.com logo.png
Founded 15 December 2003
Headquarters London, Ontario, Canada
Area served Global
Key people David Ciccarelli (CEO), Stephanie Ciccarelli (VP)
Industry Media / Entertainment
Employees 25
Website Official website
Alexa rank negative increase 32,340 (April 2014)[1]
Launched 25 October 2011

Voices.com is a job search website focusing on voice actors and voice actor employers, headquartered in London, Ontario.[2] The company has a global user base of more than 200,000 registered individuals and companies.[3]

Company history[edit]

The company was founded in 2004 by husband and wife David and Stephanie Ciccarelli and was officially incorporated in 2005 in Ontario, Canada.[3] The couple first developed the business on the back of a paper napkin while sitting at their kitchen table.[2] The original name for the business was Interactive Voices, and eventually purchased the website Voices.com for $30,000 from the medical journal Silencing the Critical Voices in your Head.[4] It allows employers in small markets to connect with voice actors in other regions, as well as connecting larger companies with voice actors.[5] In 2011 Voices.com had revenues of $2,266,887, 97% of which came from exports.[6] That year the company moved its headquarters from an industrial park to a larger space in downtown London.[2]

Business overview[edit]

Voices.com has a store function that provides prices for different kinds of voice services, such as commercials or voicemail messages. It also has a library of articles to educate users about the voice acting industry and trends in the field.[7] The site offers freelancers in more than 100 languages. Beside each freelancer's name there is a small sample of the person's voice that employers can listen to.[8][9] In May 2012 the website launched an app for iPad and iPhone devices,[10] followed by the release of an app for android devices in January 2013, both allowing job seekers to interact with potential employers directly over their mobile devices.[3] Clients that have already worked with Voices.com include ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, and Greer & Associates.[11]


David Ciccarelli has been nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Business Development Bank of Canada.[12] David Ciccarelli and Stephanie Ciccarelli are the authors of the book Voice Acting For Dummies.[13] David currently serves as CEO of the company, while Stephanie serves as chief marketing officer.[14]


  • In 2007 Voices.com was awarded an Elite Market Award by CRM Magazine.[15]
  • In 2012 the business was awarded the business of the year award by the London Chamber of Commerce.[3]


In 2006 CEO of Voices.com David Ciccarelli claimed that the Google radio ad product, which was in Beta testing at the time, was nearly identical to the one offered by Voices.com.[16]

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