Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase

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Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase
Video Release
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Produced by Martin Mickelson
Harry R. Sherman
Lamont Johnson
Written by Truddi Chase
E. Jack Neuman
Starring Shelley Long
Tom Conti
John Rubinstein
Music by Charles Fox
Cinematography William Wages
Edited by Susan B. Browdy
Distributed by New World Television
Release dates
  • May 20, 1990 (1990-05-20)
Running time
200 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase is an ABC-Network miniseries based on When Rabbit Howls, the autobiography of Truddi Chase, a woman who after being sexually abused as a child, copes by developing 90 personalities.[1] The four-hour miniseries, which was directed by Lamont Johnson[2] stars Emmy winner Shelley Long as Truddi Chase. Tom Conti co-stars as her doctor. The miniseries aired on May 20 and 21, 1990 and Chase worked closely with screenwriter E. Jack Neuman to assure her autobiography was not compromised in its adaptation.[3] Voices Within also exists as a 1 hour 46 minute version.


Mean Joe is a large black man who protects the children. Sister Mary is a nun. Lady Catherine Tisseu is conservative and stiff. Ten-Four knows how to cut a business deal. These are just some of the 92 personalities that Truddi Chase came to refer to as "The Troops". These Troops first came to her rescue while, as a two-year-old, she was systematically sexually assaulted by her sadistic stepfather (Ernie Lively) in a cornfield. In addition to torture and sexual abuse, the stepfather also battered Truddi's mother beyond reclamation and chained a dog in their yard, withholding food and water until the canine finally dies. As the torture and sexual abuse worsen, more Troops arrived to aid Truddi. In young adult life, Truddi marries a loving husband (John Rubinstein), who she meets while working at an advertising agency. Eventually, daughter Page arrives and as Truddi's condition worsens, she seeks therapy to attempt to repair herself and her family. The miniseries begins with Truddi telephoning her therapist (Tom Conti) and telling him she has located her former stepfather in upstate New York and is on her way to kill him.[4]


  • Shelley Long ... Truddi Chase
  • Tom Conti ... Doctor 'Stanley' Phillips
  • Tiffany Ballenger ... Truddi at 8
  • Jon Beshara ... Police
  • Val Bettin ... Playwright
  • Kelly Brookman ... Page at 8
  • Irina Cashen ... Truddi at 6
  • Carl Ciarfalio ... Colin
  • Marian Collier ... Operator
  • Frank Converse ... Peter Morgan
  • Robert Costanzo ... Fred Zarr
  • Manuel DePina ... Barkeep
  • Brendan Dillon ... Shannon
  • Dale Dunham ... Manager
  • Susan Eisenberg ... Stewardess
  • David Fox-Brenton ... Dr. Modarelli
  • Alan Fudge ... Albert Johnson
  • Nancy Gormley ... Airport
  • John Hancock ... Soloman
  • Christine Healy ... Sharon Barnes
  • Miriam Johnson ... Page at 15
  • Jessie Jones ... Scrub Nurse
  • Guido Koock
  • Melinda Kordich ... Teacher
  • Bennett Liss ... Angry
  • Ernie Lively ... Truddi's Stepfather
  • Joe Minjares ... Mr. DiCola
  • Melinda Peterson ... Nurse Daphne
  • Steven M. Porter ... Hayes
  • Jamie Rose ... Truddi's Mother
  • John Rubinstein ... Norman De Roin
  • Benjamin L. Scott ... Harry Barnes (as Ben Scott)
  • Nicholas Scott ... Danny
  • Wesley A. Starr ... Wedding Minister
  • Marsha Van Winkle ... Doris
  • Alisha Waite ... Annie
  • Lisa Watson ... Page at 12
  • Stephanie Watson ... Page at 10
  • Bruce Westphal ... Funeral Minister
  • J.D. Yarbrough ... Client


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