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Voici magazine cover, from the week of 1 May 2007.
Editor Hedi Dahmani[1]
Categories celebrity and women's magazine
Frequency weekly
Circulation 478,368 / week
First issue 1987
Company Prisma Presse
Country  France
Language French
Website http://www.voici.fr/
ISSN 0245-5803

Voici is a French weekly celebrity, women's magazine and tabloid, published by Prisma Presse (Bertelsmann group). It was founded in 1987, and believes television reality shows in 2002 boosted circulation to 12.4 million copies per month (93% newsstand sales).[2] It claims the title of best selling French celebrity magazine, and second or third most widely read French women's magazine.[2][3] It includes beauty, fashion, health, society and entertainment sections.


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