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Voir is a chain of francophone alternative weekly newspapers in the Canadian province of Quebec published by Communications Voir.

The magazine was founded by Pierre Paquet in November 1986.


The newspaper publishes separate local editions in:

They publish a mix of locally oriented news and advertisement and listings, as well as chainwide common content published by all the editions. Some writers also have their weekly regular columns.

Supplements and special sections[edit]

  • Voir carries since 2003 a weekly lifestyle supplement Voir la Vie / Voir la Ville containing amongst other restaurant reviews, travel and real estate / decoration.
  • It also carries a special musical section entitled Bang Bang (earlier a separate periodical paper) but now incorporated within Voir.
  • Voir also had a graphic design / typography supplement, but that section was discontinued later.

Other publications[edit]

"Voir Communication", the papers' publisher, also published the now-defunct anglophone alternative weeklies Hour in Montreal and XPress in Ottawa.

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