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Vojača was queen consort of Bosnia as the first wife of King Stephen Thomas of Bosnia.

Vojača was a commoner and Patarene by religion. She married Stephen Thomas before his accession and gave birth to his eldest son and heir, Stephen Tomašević. When her husband was elected King of Bosnia, she became queen. However, the powerful Bosnian nobility did not consider her fit to be queen because of her humble origins. Thus, her husband requested an annulment of their marriage from the Pope. Pope Eugene IV granted the annulment in 1445 and Stephen Thomas remarried, this time choosing Katarina Kosača, the daughter of the most powerful Bosnian nobleman.

As former queen, Vojača probably retired to a monastery. Her son became the last King of Bosnia but she did not live long enough to see him ascend the throne.

Royal titles
Title last held by
Dorothy Garai
Queen consort of Bosnia
Title next held by
Katarina Kosača