Volcanic Creek Cone

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Volcanic Creek Cone
Elevation 1,520 m (4,990 ft)
Location British Columbia, Canada
Range Tagish Highland
Coordinates 59°46′N 133°23′W / 59.76°N 133.38°W / 59.76; -133.38
Type Cinder cone
Age of rock Pleistocene
Last eruption Holocene

Volcanic Creek Cone is a small cinder cone 20 km (12 mi) northeast of Atlin in northwestern British Columbia. There are two cinder cones and a lava flow at least 3 kilometers long which is present below parts of the tree covered area. The subdued form of Volcanic Creek cone is visible directly below the largest snow patch. The cone has probably suffered through at least one glacial episode. Volcanic Creek cone is part of the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province.


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