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The M-136 Volcano mine system is a US automated, scattered mine delivery system designed to lay a field of up to 960 mines (160 canisters) at an average density of 0.9 mines per meter front. The system is designed to be mounted on and powered by the following vehicles.

Dispenser vehicles[edit]

  • 5 ton Cargo/Dump Truck
  • M977 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT)
  • To include others as well as capable rotary wing assets[1]

These mines have 3 self-destruct settings varying from short to long.

Types of Mines in Canisters: M-87 Canister : 1 AP (Anti personnel)mine and 6 AT (Anti Tank)mines per canister M-87A1 Canister: 6 AT mines


See also[edit]

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