Rostov Nuclear Power Plant

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Rostov Nuclear Power Plant
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Spray ponds and units 1 & 2 of the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant
Rostov Nuclear Power Plant is located in Russia
Rostov Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Rostov Nuclear Power Plant in Russia
Official name Ростовская атомная электростанция
Country Russia
Location Volgodonsk
Coordinates 47°35′57.63″N 42°22′18.76″E / 47.5993417°N 42.3718778°E / 47.5993417; 42.3718778Coordinates: 47°35′57.63″N 42°22′18.76″E / 47.5993417°N 42.3718778°E / 47.5993417; 42.3718778
Status Operational
Construction began 1977
Commission date 2001
Operator(s) Rosenergoatom
Nuclear power station
Reactor type VVER-1000/320
Reactor supplier Atomstroyexport
Power generation
Units operational 2 x 1,000 MW
Make and model Kharkov Turbine Plant
Units under const. 2 x 1,070 MW
Nameplate capacity 2,000 MW
Rostov NPP (english)

Rostov Nuclear Power Plant (Russian: Ростовская АЭС [About this sound pronunciation ]), also known as Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant (Russian: Волгодонская АЭС [About this sound pronunciation ]), is a Russian nuclear power plant located on the left bank of the Tsimlyansk reservoir in the lower stream of the Don River near Volgodonsk, Rostov Oblast.[1]

Construction of Rostov reactor No. 1 began in 1977 and operations began in 2001. Construction of reactor No. 2 commenced in 1983 and finished in 2009. In 2009 work on reactor No. 3 was restarted and work on No. 4 is being scheduled as well. Completion of No. 3 is planned for 2013.[2] Units No. 3 and 4 will be an upgraded VVER-1000/320 subtype.[3]


Four units are planned in total.[1]

Unit Reactor type Net
Rostov 1 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1000 MW 1 September 1981 25 December 2001 -
Rostov 2 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1000 MW 1 May 1983 10 December 2010 -
Rostov 3 VVER-1000/320 1011 MW 1070 MW 2009 and earlier (2015) -
Rostov 4 VVER-1000/320 1011 MW 1070 MW 2010 and earlier (2017) -

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