Volguard II

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Volguard II
Volguard II
Cover art
Developer(s) dB-SOFT
Publisher(s) dB-SOFT
Series Volguard
Platform(s) Family Computer
Virtual Console
Release date(s) NES: Virtual Console:
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter[1]
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Cartridge

Volguard II (高機動戦闘メカ ヴォルガードII Kokido Sento Mecha Volguard II?)[3] is a Nintendo Family Computer and Virtual Console video game that is exclusive to Japan. This game is a sequel to the original Volguard for the MSX[4] despite there being no real connection to that title.


The player controls a pilot who is trying to defend the Earth from an evil nation's global revolution sometime in the year 20XX. Given the assignment, the overall purpose of the game is to infiltrate their base and take out their defences and army, and then kill their leader. Enemies include a series of battle stations, various groups of aircraft, barriers, cargo planes, mechs, and other assorted enemies. Volguard II was a modified high-mobility combat mecha developed by the distant ancestors.


The player is trying to shoot down enemies while navigating through what appears to be space colonies.

The NES controller was very similar to the items that appear without notice (and it was considered to be one of the Easter eggs in this game). It can also be destroyed on contact. They have two locations anywhere in the shiny blue button and hit most parts of the controller's cross hit the key to annihilate the enemy in place and working as a controller this point. The manual does not list these hidden characters. The name was simply listed in the leaflet that was issued before the product launch. The transparent capsule-like items that appear when the player goes to a specific location or after defeating certain enemies. Ten points are added to the power supply to gauge the energy when in contact with an odd score. The capsules help to recover the player's ship even when the player's damage level is at 10% or less.

Destroying energy replenishes energy, but firing bullets depletes it (thus balancing the loss of ammunition with the gaining of new ammunition).[4] Since many of the upgrades that the player can receive increases his firepower, they generally increase the degree to which the player can lose energy.[5] Furthermore, once the player collects the second and only other craft, and join them to form a robot.[4] The robot moves incredibly slow, making it less worthwhile to ever join the craft together.[4] While the player only has one life to lose throughout the entire game, he can accumulate a damage percentage of 99% (with a co-responding color bar changing from blue to yellow and eventually to red) before being destroyed.[4] Upon completing all twenty-five areas, the game restarts on a higher difficulty. There are four of these "loops".



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